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I am a lactation consultant who loves working with moms and babies.  I feel humbled to be invited into such an intimate moment in families’ lives. These moments are incredibly powerful, but they can also be overwhelming.  


I know this not only because I have studied and worked in maternal-child health for over a decade but also because I am a mother to two awesome kids, both of whom breastfed for over a year. 


I remember being a new mom, holding this tiny life in my hands, thinking, “…  and now what??” 

I remember struggling with breastfeeding myself and feeling so overwhelmed.

I remember crying tears of sadness thinking my struggles were some indication of my worth as a mother.  

I also know that I would have never survived those moments without a supportive network of people, both professionally and personally, helping guide me and my children on this journey.  

And I would like to be THAT person for you – helping YOU to realize YOUR breastfeeding goals.  Too often we are left to think that we need to go it alone or that there is strength in suffering in silence.  I am here to say, you are not alone. Breastfeeding can be challenging, but it also can be beautiful and empowering.  It can help us understand and reconnect to the true power and capacity of our own bodies.  And I hope to accomplish this with gentle, compassionate, non-judgmental support so that we can take on those difficult moments and conquer them together.

Education & Training

  • I received my Masters in Public Health (MPH) and Masters in Social Work (MSW) at Columbia University, with a focus on maternal-child health.  

  • I completed University of California San Diego’s Lactation Education training program, observing over 100 mother/baby pairs over 300 hours of clinical training.

  • I am certified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).


Professional Experience

  • I worked at the New York City Department of Health helping over 18 New York City hospitals and health departments across the country improve their breastfeeding practices and policies.

  • I worked at New York Presbyterian Hospital on the prenatal, postpartum and NICU floors helping to counsel and support new families.

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