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Emily is a godsend. Because of Emily I was able to exclusively breastfeed even while my son was in the NICU the week after he was born. She had the amazing ability to be both calm, loving, and present while also instilling the confidence I needed during this very fragile time in my life. There is nobody else in the world I trust more than her with breastfeeding support. Emily truly is the best of the best. 

Sharon W.

I called Emily seeking help for an issue with clogged ducts after I had already been breastfeeding for months.  Not only did Emily give me really helpful advice that remedied the problem, she was understanding, empathetic, and supportive.  She even followed up and called to check on me twice just to make sure things were still going OK!  I would absolutely recommend Emily to friends or loved ones struggling with any aspect of breastfeeding. She is extremely knowledgeable and supportive, and prioritizes each mom and her own individual and very personal experience with breastfeeding.

Elior P.

Emily supported me through the hardest few days of my breastfeeding experience - I felt completely emotionally and physically overwhelmed by what was happening to my body! Emily was so down-to-earth and reassuring that everything I was experiencing was normal, and somehow even helped me find humor in my situation. While she had a lot of great technical advice and knowledge about the breastfeeding issues, it was just as important that she was attuned to the emotions that I was experiencing and to how my family dynamics were impacting the nursing. Emily was able to customize her support and guidance to my family's specific situation - we are a queer family and while this was my first birth & nursing experience, I was already a parent to an older child. Emily was non-judgmental, relaxed and warm, and I have no doubt that her support in those early days contributed to my successful nursing my baby well into toddlerhood! 



Elior P.

Elior P.

As a mom committed to breast feeding, I was really frustrated when my daughter was having great difficulty latching.  As a friend and professional, Emily was super helpful and understanding during a difficult and emotional time, providing detailed advice with lots of options to try out.  Thank you Emily!

Daphne S.

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